The INTELICAPS® patent was filed in January 2011, and was a major step in Vésale Pharma’s R&D program.

INTELICAPS® is a new novel encapsulation process for living microorganisms.

In partnership with the German chemistry laboratory specialized in microencapsulation BRACE, Vésale Pharma has developed INTELICAPS®, a novel process for the stabilization of microorganisms. INTELICAPS® brings a triple solution:

  • The new process allows the strains to be manipulated and used in production as a conventional ingredient without significant reduction in quality.
  • To supplement the current single powder formulation of freeze-dried probiotics, new formulations such as tablets, chewable tablets, compositions associated with substances such as vitamin C, minerals such as zinc, citrate, etc. are now possible.
  • New conditions of resistance to heat and moisture and acidity allow for better product preservation and increased efficiency.

INTELICAPS® has been patented internationally. This new technology provides a structural solution to the entire sector of companies involved in the manufacture of non-food microorganisms.

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