‘Microbiome, Probiotics & Metabolomics**: Opening up new avenues of research into anti-infective treatments

Dec 19, 2017 – Vésale Pharma, a leader in research and development into microbiotic solutions, has just opened up an entirely new avenue of R&D into the development of a new generation of alternative solutions to antibiotic and anti-infective treatments thanks to ‘sonication’* technology. 

Five years after Intelicaps, a revolutionary technology unique in the world involving the microencapsulation of probiotics, the development of sonication technology applied to probiotics has enabled Vésale Pharma to make a major advance in the area of anti-infective treatments, in particular in the case of urogenital infections.

A worldwide patent application has just been submitted for this discovery.

 This Research opens up a new avenue in the development of new anti-infective treatments.

“This is a major step forwards, not only for research into the microbiome but also in the context of the development of new solutions alongside antibiotics and other anti-infective treatments, declares Jehan Liénart, CEO and Executive Chairman of Vésale Pharma. In fact, our teams have brought to light a brand new protection – and defence – mechanism.”

* Sonication is exposure to ultrasound waves. Applied to bacteria, high-frequency sonication induces their lysis.

** Metabolomics is the analysis of the whole of very small molecules in a living system called metabolites. The term metabolomics comes from ‘metabolome’, which refers to all the metabolites contained in a biological system, an organism, type of cell or biological fluid. The metabolome represents the final response of an organism to an adverse genetic change, a pathology, exposure to a toxic substance or any environmental cause. 

More information : Microbiome & Metabolomics – 18.12.17

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