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Breastfeeding: moms’ favorite positions

Breastfeeding may be natural, but not all mothers are born with it. Sometimes it takes time and practice to get the hang of it for both mother and baby. Just as there is no right or wrong way to breastfeed, the only appropriate breastfeeding position is the one that works best for you and your baby.

If you want to perfect your latch or simply find other positions to be comfortable while breastfeeding, here are the breastfeeding positions preferred by moms, to be reproduced without moderation to enjoy your baby gently.

What’s the point of finding the right positions to breastfeed baby?

The position of the baby at the breast is crucial to the success of your breastfeeding. But it’s not all about the position to the centimeter of course. Perhaps the most important thing is to give you and your child time to discover each other, to adapt to each other, to make adjustments between you.

If your breastfeeding position is not listed as a “regulation” position in the childcare books: don’t change anything! If all goes well for you, keep it or the positions that work for both of you. Every mom and baby are unique, so make sure you feel it. Your duo is yours. Nobody else’s. If it fits you then there is nothing to change. You need to be in a state of well-being when you breastfeed.

The position of the rugby ball

Of all the breastfeeding positions, this is often the one that first-time moms learn first. With the rugby ball hold, the baby is tucked under your arm, to your side and held with one arm while you support your breast with the other arm. If you hold baby on your right side, he will cling to your right breast while you support him with your left hand.

The side-lying position

For this breastfeeding position, lie on your side with your baby facing you. You can put a nursing pillow, a rolled up towel behind baby to support his back.

The position of the inverted Madonna

To use this reverse Madonna position, bring your baby on your body, belly to belly:

If you are breastfeeding your baby on the left side, you hold the baby (supporting his or her neck) with your right arm, and you support your breast with your left hand.

Many moms use a nursing pillow when breastfeeding in this position, as it can make breastfeeding even easier and more comfortable.

The position of the Madonna

This type of hold is very similar to the “Reverse Madonna”, but in this one, you support the baby with the arm on the same side as the breast he or she is feeding from, not the opposite arm.

This is one of the most popular breastfeeding positions during the first few weeks of breastfeeding, when you are comfortable with your breastfeeding practice. As with the Reverse Madonna, you can use a nursing pillow to support your baby and take the strain off your elbows.

The position of the koala

For this breastfeeding position called “the koala” or upright position, your baby sits upright facing you and straddles your knee. Her legs hug your waist. This will allow you to support your baby with your arm on the side of the nursing breast. With the opposite hand, you support your breast like in the rugby ball position.

Feel free to try any of these breastfeeding positions, keeping in mind that what might work for you now can also change as your baby grows.

Positions for breastfeeding twins

When you’re ready to tandem breastfeed, try these positions for twins:

Double lullaby position

This breastfeeding position allows moms of twins to breastfeed in tandem, often with a nursing pillow under both babies. The babies are curled up in the crook of each elbow and intertwined on the mother’s lap.

Position of the double-rugby

In this position, your babies’ bodies rest on pillows along your sides and under your arms.