The INTELICAPS® patent was filed in January 2011, and was a major step in the R&D program of Vésale Pharma.

In partnership with the German chemical laboratory specializing in micro-encapsulation BRACE, Vésale Pharma has developed INTELICAPS® , a unique process for stabilizing micro-organisms. INTELICAPS® provides an unprecedented triple solution:

  • The new process makes it possible to manipulate the strains and use them in production as a classic ingredient, without a significant reduction in their quality.
  • To complement the current unique powder formulation of freeze-dried probiotics, new formulations such as tablets, chewable tablets, compositions associated with substances such as vitamin C, minerals such as Zinc, citrate, etc… are now possible.
  • New conditions of resistance to heat and humidity and acidity allow better preservation of products and increased efficiency.

INTELICAPS® has been the subject of an international patent. This new technology provides a structural solution to the entire sector of companies involved in the manufacture of non-food microorganisms.


Intelicaps® significantly increases the survival of live probiotics through the gastric passage and is in fact an excellent colonic delivery system. The survival and availability of live probiotics are thus 1,000 times greater than those of their conventional freeze-dried counterparts.

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