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Women's Range

We offer women a range of food supplements, rich in vitamins and omega. Discover our Vinalac products adapted to the specific needs of women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Or our Fémina range, which strengthens the vaginal flora and increases the resistance of the urinary tract. Strengthen your immunity, prepare for the wish to be pregnant, contribute to the development of your child.

  • Regyn Bloom

  • Lactogyn

  • Vinalac

  • Vinalac Prenatal

Pregnancy vitamins

Vinalac is a vitamin and mineral complex enriched with lactobacilli specially adapted to the specific needs of pregnant women and when breastfeeding. It contains a selection of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the functioning of the immune system of pregnant women. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is important to have a complementary supply of vitamins and minerals to cover the most important needs of the mother and promote the optimal development of the future newborn.

  • Vinalac

  • Vinalac Prenatal

Children's range

Support the development of the intestinal flora and ensure normal transit. Indicated when the intestinal function must be supported, for example in case of loose stools. For example bacilac infantis can also be used when the biorhythm of an infant or child is disturbed, when babies cry constantly or when they are inconsolable.

  • Bacilac Drops

  • Bacilac Infantis

  • Bacilac ORS

Digestive range

The combination of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria with Tormentil root is only possible thanks to Intelicaps®, the new worldwide patented micro-encapsulation technology. Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria are thus protected during gastric passage, which considerably increases their viability.

  • Bacilac Drops

  • Bacilac Infantis

  • Bacilac Instant

  • Cibalax KIDS

  • Cibalax

  • Bacilac Forte


Constantly looking for opportunities and innovative solutions, working with research organizations of international reputation, Research and Development is at the heart of our strategy and allows us to offer innovative health solutions adapted to everyone.

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