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A scientific reference
in its sector of activity

Vésale Pharma, a pioneer in this area, specializes in research, clinical and galenic development of probiotic-based treatments.

From the beginning, Vésale Pharma has set up a vast R&D plan in its various therapeutic areas.

These research programs pursue a major objective: to develop new effective and safe health products and innovative galenics that meet major health or well-being needs that have not yet found satisfactory answers.

To this end, Vésale Pharma works in partnership with university research teams from the University of Liège and Ghent, or with the Institut Pasteur in Lille, as well as Belgian and international research laboratories.

All strains of Vesalius are documented; they have been and are still the subject of continuous studies and R&D.

The company holds several worldwide patents (notably the revolutionary Intelicaps® patent). Vésale Pharma currently structures its Research & Development activity around several major areas: immunity, Intelicaps technology and anti-infective treatments.


Intelicaps® technology is a unique process in the world of micro-encapsulation of probiotic strains which offers them protection and delivery never before equaled.

The Namur-based company signed a memorandum of understanding on December 7, 2017 with Texas A&M University based in College Station, not far from Houston (USA). The studies undertaken with Texas A&M University relate to the influence of Intelicaps® technology according to various parameters such as colonization, inflammatory reduction and immuno-modulation.


Other research and studies are in the launch phase and relate to the continuous improvement of Intelicaps technology as well as the potential of new strains belonging to Vesalius in various therapeutic areas such as immunology, gynecology, gastro -enterology, …

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