Exercise for two

During pregnancy, one might think that playing sports is risky and dangerous for the baby.
However, adding regular physical activity to a pregnant woman’s healthy routine has
a lot of advantages. It is recommended to do 150 min of sport per week during the
pregnancy (unless contraindicated).

The positive impacts of sport on the mother:

> Improves sleep and mental health.
> Increases energy.
> Regulates weight gain.
> Reduces the risk of back pain and the risk of constipation.
> Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.
> Reduces fatigue.
> Reduces post-pregnancy incontinence.
> Can physically prepare for childbirth.

The practice of a regular sports activity does not only have a positive impact on the mother.
It also benefits the baby:

> The child is less likely to suffer from respiratory distress at the time of delivery.
> The risks of being overweight at birth are reduced.
> There is better brain development.
> The heart is healthy and the heart rate is lower.

The rules to follow:

> During physical activity, hydration is essential. You should drink water regularly.
> It is not good to exercise on an empty stomach. It is best to have a snack 30 min
before the session.
> It is very important to listen to your body. The body should not be pushed to extremes.
> You have to be attentive to the changes that sport brings to it.
> The sport must be moderate, it must be possible to have a discussion during the activity
> Activities that raise body heat above 38.9°C should be avoided.
> Contact sports are not recommended.

Sports ideas:

> Walking allows you to stay active without overworking yourself.
> Dancing boosts your morale and energy.
> Prenatal yoga prepares the body and the breath for childbirth.
> Swimming is a good way to exercise while feeling less weight gain. He is
possible to make this activity even more fun by taking aquagym lessons
> Muscle training of the pelvic floor facilitates childbirth and accelerates
postpartum recovery.
> The bike allows you to work on your cardio, which is very important. Beware, however, of
falls which are very dangerous.
> Jogging can be practiced during pregnancy, but preferably by women

The sport therefore has many advantages for the pregnant woman, but it is to be practiced
cautiously and must be combined with an appropriate diet. Learn about important foods
for the pregnant woman and those which are prohibited to her.